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Re: Bt Youview/Broadband Allowance

No usage at all was shown until last week. Instead the usage page said that there was a technical error for a small number of people and it couldn't be shown.

The first time I saw my usage was in Saturday 28th when my usage was shown as close to my limit. I should have had two warning emails but received none.

I didn't know that YouView usage is shown seperately to normal usage. It hasn't for me.

Today my bandwidth was reset, but no seperation of YouView.


My upgrade to Infinity and YouView was messed up and I had a month of 'no phone or broadband', but that was sorted out apart from the bandwidth and the first time I was able to check that was Saturday (the day when BT had nationwide problems).

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Re: Bt Youview/Broadband Allowance

No I didn't think Youview usage was shown separately, but I thought that was what was implied.
I have Vision Box not Youview so wasn't 100% sure.

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Re: Bt Youview/Broadband Allowance

You view usage is shown separately - the bar is split into two sections. It isn't meant to count towards your broadband limit.

...except the Youview usage isn't being logged correctly, so it shows as "normal" usage and hence counts towards your cap / limit.

It's a bit of a con, really.
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Re: Bt Youview/Broadband Allowance

Yesterday my usage was reset. It shows my BB usage and unfer that there is text saying I used a little bit of YouView that I win't be charged for.

So today I watched a YouView channel for at least an hour. I think that the day after tomorrow I'll get an idea if it's working or not.

From late May when I upgraded to Infinity until the end of last week I couldn't see any usage, I got an error instead.

Now I can see my usage but my profile page has changed and says I have no phone or broadband (but I still get billed for it).

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Re: Bt Youview/Broadband Allowance

I see this topic is several years old however the problem seems to have reared its head again.


For six to eight months I have been breaking my 50GB allowance but was certain that I wasn't using the data.  After a couple of months of setting up my router to monitor IPs at home I discovered two things.


1) The SamKnows box was eating data.  That's been disconnected.


2) The usage of my YouView box didn't seem to be credited properly by BT.  I tracked specific HD viewings that had taken place during November 2017 and my YouView IP showed around 34GB yet the BT online monitor showed 3GB.  I know I watched over 18 hours of BTTV HD programmes and I doubt that the compression used would get 18 hours down to 3GB.  I've raised this with a contact in BT but have yet to hear back.


However, and this is the main reason for this post, I wanted to continue with my YouView monitoring but I can no longer see the BT online monitor that showed the YouView usage figure.  It's disappeared!  There was no mention of any YouView allowance for December 2017 in my bill.  Has BT realised that its monitoring of YouView doesn't work and no longer shows any usage figure?


Any thoughts?

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