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Bt Youview basic broadband.

I am a Bt Youview customer with a non fibre (normal) broadband connection, having read post from this community and some of the announcements from BT regarding BT Sports coming and extra channels I understand they will not be available to me until my connection is upgraded ( does not look like any time soon).  So my question is will BT Sports be available on Freeview???  Or is Bt considering doing anything for us with basic broadband who are interested is the new channels and would pay more for them.


I keep hearing about Talk Talks youview offers and what's coming to BT Youveiw, just wondered about us with no fibre or infinity connections, who are very interested in the coming channels????

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Re: Bt Youview basic broadband.

There are basically no official statements about this yet. The following is only my opinion.... BT Sports will not be on Freeview and you will not be able to get the extra channels without having Fibre. This might change, but I don't think it will because BT will use it as a sales opportunity to get their broadband customers onto Fibre. But, with BT, you never know.....
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Re: Bt Youview basic broadband.

I would go fibre with bt if they upgraded the green box near our house. The ironic thing the exchange and most of the green boxes have been upgraded but not our street. I only live about half a mile from the Huntingdon exchange ang get on average of 17 Mbps download and 1 Mbps upload. So it looks like when my contract expires i will have to turn to the dark side and join virgin as they have fibre in our street.
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