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Buffering issues

I am new to BT and having this same issue. To the point I am thinking of calling up to cancel as it’s been over a week now.

When I try and watch any subscription channels from the BT TV guide I get buffering and on Now TV. But if I watch on my mobile, laptop, tablet all fine. Free view channels are fine. Netflix works. 
I have read all the guides on the BT website, I phoned up and spent an hour on the phone with someone talking me through a reset of my box etc but still it is happening. I shouldn’t have to reset my box every time I want to watch the TV.

sometimes it buffers straight away, other times it gives me about an hour then buffers. Keeps telling me there is no connection but my internet is in and working as I check by using the tablet etc My smart hub stays blue throughout.

I use power adapters so my smart hub is not plugged straight in to my BT TV box. I thought this might be the issue but the lady on the phone said it shouldn’t impact it. I have one of these new fibre open reach modems which the hub has to be plugged in to and it’s no where near the BT TV hence why BT supplied the Powerline Adapters to solve that issue.


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Re: Buffering issues

Hi @MeowCaire, welcome to the community and thanks for posting, I'm really sorry to see you're having issues with your subscription channels, I can appreciate the frustration and inconvenience this must be causing. As this is only affecting the internet channels its normally a connection issue or a problem with the link between your Hub and the Youview box which could be caused by the powerline adapters or the electrical wiring on which the broadband travels over in your home. Do you have the BT supplied Mini Connectors? 


It would be worth checking the powerline set up to see if any improvements can be made, make sure they're connected directly to the wall socket and not plugged into any extension sockets or doublers as these can cause issues. A factory reset of the Mini connectors may help. Let me know how you get on.

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