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CBeebies HD recordings fail since Sept 3 retune.



Title says it all, really. I've got all the channels in their new places and recording the newly-moved Sky News SD channel works fine but Cbeebies HD does not. It fails if I set a recording AND also fails if I switch to it then press Record as it broadcasts. I've tried setting the recordings from the guide and also from the search but they still fail. I haven't been able (yet) to test the CBBC HD channel (since there is nothing on it this time of night) or try the SD version. I have done two re-tunes since the Sept 3rd number change and the issue still persists.


Any ideas what might be happening? I don't want to go back to SD because I'll really miss the lovely texture on Postman Pat's jacket when delivering all those specials.... umm, I mean, my SON will really miss it. Smiley Very Happy



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Re: CBeebies HD recordings fail since Sept 3 retune (NOW MORE INFO!)

Quick update:


So now I've discovered that any of the channels that have been moved now have a delay of 15-20 seconds to show the picture when you tune to them. The audio starts first after just a second or two - which is a little longer than normal - but the video you have to wait for. If you leave it long enough for the video to display on one then you can swap between them as quick as the other channels but that initial tuning takes a lot of time. This is why the recordings are failing; when the box wakes it starts the record but detects no video signal so stops the record before the video signal has 'come through'.


More info, in case anyone has bright ideas:


Signal strength and quality on CBeebiesHD is 61/100. BBC1HD is 65/100 (and has never been a problem).

Box is set to HIGH power save (where it takes ages to come on).


Anyone with any bright ideas?

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Re: CBeebies HD recordings fail since Sept 3 retune (NOW MORE INFO!)

Try setting the box to LOW eco mode....It then doesn't take an age to come on 🙂

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Re: CBeebies HD recordings fail since Sept 3 retune (NOW MORE INFO!)

Yeah had thought of that (amazing I know!) but I don't think it's the coming on taking ages that is the proble , it's the tune to the channel once it is on.


And I'm a bit of a greenie so the power-saving is important to me (and my power bill).


Cheers, though!

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