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Can BT advisors please be trained on the equipment return policy

My father decided not to renew his BT TV contract when his latest deal came to an end.  A few weeks later he received a letter from BT asking for the box to be returned for recycling.  I told him to ignore it as he was entitled to keep the box as he had completed a number of TV contracts with them.  After a second letter asking for it to be returned he called them up and was told that "the box must be returned to BT".  I advised him to call again, and in the next call a different person stated he did need to return the equipment, not sure why, but he may be charged if he didn't.  

I then escalated it as an issue to the customer care team, pointing to the T&C's and discussions on this forum.  Eventually received a call to say that I was correct and he was entitled to keep the box.  Unfortunately, as a pensioner, my father didn't want to risk being charged so had already returned the equipment.  No replacement box can be supplied apparently.  

The much publicised push to move to UK based call centres will only work if staff are appropriately trained.


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