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Can't see the Subscription channels

Hi, i need some help as i am new customer with BT since December and i still can't access my Subscription channels. I called them at least 2-3 times every week since December but nothing everything time another answer and still not having the channel which I pay. One of the engines came to my house this week, but the issue not resolved 😡 still the same and already pay the second bill and nobody can tell me what's wrong. They are taking the money for something what they are not providing, really i am very disappointed. Can someone help me or is someone who has the same problem and how you resolved. Thanks!

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Re: Can't see the Subscription channels

Provided the order has complete on BT's side. You have broadband connected to your youview box with the ethernet cable. The box is struggling to reflect that you have access to those channels. It needs encouragement to check in with BT and unlock them.

Going to a channel and pressing okay a bunch of times occasionally forces the youview box to check in with their systems and cause the channels to work. However there are times when you may need to go into the settings panel and near the bottom of the options. Ensure that the software of the youview box is up to date. And if so potentially do a factory reset of the box. This will however delete all recordings. If this does not rectify the issue you will need an advisor from the TV faults department to troubleshoot this further as its something more insidious. 

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Re: Can't see the Subscription channels

Can you give more detail

What do you see when you go to one of the channels you're paying for, for example do you see a blank screen, an error message or something else (can you describe it if something else)

what do you see when you press the Guide button on your remote.

I assume English isn't your first language, post a few pictures of your TV screen if you have problems describing

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