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Classic Entertainment

Good Morning all,

 I know it’s been discussed on here before but I wanted to vent my disappointment and annoyance re the absence of TLC on my new BT TV package. I opted for the VIP package thinking I was getting ALL channels. Clearly not!! I don’t want to go back to my old package. I’d ‘happily’ pay for Classic to be added. Come on BT - either add TLC, and the like, to a package or make it clear you lose them when you take up a new package!! Grr

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Re: Classic Entertainment

Hi @blakums 

It's good to vent now and again.

My view is that BT have made a poor decision regarding how they have implemented the long awaited NowTV service.

We all thought it was going to be an addition, NOT, a replacement for the changes we had.

I also think BT TV haven't done enough to make it clear to customers that they will be loosing channels, quite a few in fact, after all, the NOWTV package is talked about as an "upgrade", and to most people that means more, or in addition to what they already have!


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