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Crashing youview

Is anyone else having trouble with their youview box crashing frequently? It seems there was a software update and new box keeps resetting itself or just crashing!
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Re: Crashing youview

Have you tried unplugging the box to reset it? I've had the update and had an intial problem in that I couldn't get a signal to the TV via the HDMI cable, but doing the above dsorted it and I've had no problems since.


By the way, its not great etiquette on these boards to open a new thread on exactly the same point and question posted on another thread within literally five minutes! 

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Re: Crashing youview

I've looked and I can't find the thread you mention.

My box has started crashing as well. I've had the current one for (probably) a couple of years, the previous one having died on me. The last time I had to go through hell to get an engineer out as the people in Mumbai or wherever would not believe anything was wrong with it, despite my having gone through all the disgnostics, resets, etc. BT man came out, pronounced it dead and installed another.

I lost all my recordings, of course. If I lose this one my cherished Tour De France recordings will have gone so I am not very happy. It is ridiculous that there is no way of transferring them.

The box starts OK, records etc, but then when I want to change channels or perform any function I get a black screen and the machine is unresponsive to either the remote or the button or the front controls untill I turn it off at the mains. Nothing wrong with the remote etc.

The last time I did a reset etc and lost everything so that is now a last resort for me. If it's a bug from the latest update, maybe they will fix it?

Otherwise I'm thinking these boxes just are not fit for purpose and I need to pack the whole system in.

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