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Don't ever use BT or TSG, a year on and my problem still hasnt been resolved

I contracted BT to install BT TV and and to fit a new aerial. Ever since installation  I keep getting a signal error code 302 on my TV which makes viewing difficult.  I have had 4 BT engineers, 2 aerial engineers and freeview engineer out to my house and 1 year on the issue is still not resolved.   BT keeps trying to wipe their hands of the issue and say  its nothing to do with them, but with the aerial company, as far as I am concerned,  I paid BT to install the aerial so therefore  my contact is with BT.  After 7 days off work and STILL no resolution I would advise anyone thinking of moving to BT for the TV service to ABSOLUTELY DON'T GO THERE unless you want a load of aggrivation .  

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