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Error IPC6002

It seems every time I try to access my subscription channels on YouView, I'm greeted with error code IPC6002 informing me there is a problem with my broadband. Of which there is not as YouView is the only service that seems to have trouble.
Obviously connecting the box directly to the router with ethernet solved the issue, but as my box is about 10 metres from the home hub I use BT Powerline adapters for a majority of my devices. Again, the only one that seems to ever have any issues with this is my BT YouView box.
I should have to continuously switch the box off, on and reset Internet every time I want to watch a channel I'm paying to watch.

Has anyone got a fix for this? Other than the obviously 'use direct ethernet'?
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Distinguished Sage
Distinguished Sage
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Re: Error IPC6002

The only BT Powerline adapters that are approved for connecting your YouView box to the home hub, are the BT Mini connectors. These are available at a discounted price for current BT YouView customers.


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