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Error codes btp15000 and btp15990

When setting up the youview box and opening the BT player, I get an error code BTP-15000 (on initial setup) or BTP-15990 (when trying to open BT Player). Customer support do not know what to do and have referred it to another technical department.
A search of previous topics shows others are seeing errors BTP-15000 and BTP-15990. But none of the threads show how to solve it. It seems moderators/employees deal with each case individually. No one actually explains what the issue was (closest explaination i've seen is about accounts not linking correctly?!). 

I have copied this post from another because it is exactly the same problem and am also tagging @Gemma_P  hoping that this will get sorted  I've been paying for the service for over 2 weeks now and have been set up due to the Ariel company through bt being so slow at contacting me, so not happy with bt at all as a first time user! 

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BT TV Expert
BT TV Expert
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Re: Error codes btp15000 and btp15990

Hi @Jodzafin,

Sorry to hear you are having problems. If you let me know your account number via a private message and I'll have a look into it for you. Thanks. 

BT TV expertGemma
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