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Extra internet channels not working

Got a new BT home hub 5 recently as we couldn't get any signal for our internet channels. It seemed to work for a while, but now since it was changed, the sound comes and goes on the internet channels and the picture freezes and becomes completely pixelated and jittery.  We have done all the standard troubleshooting such as reset hub, internet connection, youview box etc, and even completely reset the youview box to factory reset, losing all our recordings, and still the issue is happening.  There are also times that the normal channels won't work either, but they work fine when tv ariel is connected to tv freeview, but cut off again once youview box is used.


Any suggestions on what to do? This is just ridiculous as we only stayed with BT for another contract as we were offered these channels, but for the most part they haven't even worked.


Will also add that our youview box is directly connected to the internet via an ethernet lead and we have BT infinity 2 so speed is not an issue.

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Re: Extra internet channels not working

You say the Freeview channels from the Youview Box are behaving the same way as the IPTV channels?


Have you got a damaged HDMI lead or socket perhaps?


Another possibility - is your box poorly ventilated and perhaps overheating? It needs a good air gap around it, and mustn't sit ontop of other warm kit.


What does the Speed Test on the BT TV app on the Youview box state when you run the test?

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Re: Extra internet channels not working

It could be cable interference behind your box, what signal quality/strength do you get on the Freeview chans. what line speed are you getting?

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Re: Extra internet channels not working

Hi all, I have tried a few different leads. The aerial lead is also fine. Signal strength is in the high 90's (98% or so).


Internet speed - 80mb down and 20mb up. 

Ventilation around the box - yes, it is not in an enclosed space. Plenty of room.


In terms of cables - all there is is the ethernet, aerial and a HDMI. If it was interference it would have been a constant problem. This is quite new. THe new Homehub fixed everything for a few weeks. The whole thing was flawless. Its the past few days that this issue has arisen. The normal non IPTV channels not working is completely new. Thats why we 


a) Checked aerial without using Youview box - worked fine

b) Reset Youview box - fixed it for a night

c) Retuned channels - did not help but all channels are still picked up in the scan.


I believe it is an issue with the Youview box but I honestly can't pinpoint the problem.



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Re: Extra internet channels not working

Hi neonplanet40, 


Thanks for your posts. 


I am sorry that you are having problems for the past few weeks. I would like to take a look into this to see what is causing the issues. 


Can you send me in your details using the "Contact The Mods" link found in my profile and I will take it from there.




Community ModeratorOlga
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