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Re: Failed Recording

@zulu17That would certainly explain it, maybe I imagined the now recording message.


Just checked my T4 box running OldGen. Multiple failed recordings yesterday. Home and Away & Neighbours at lunchtime & Holby City in the evening.

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Re: Failed Recording

hi @Nikki123 and thank you for adding your experiences. It's interesting to see that you're in the North Hampshire area and when the issue became more noticeable, did you get notification of the change in tuner channels for Rowridge and Salisbury transmitters that occurred on the 2nd May and do the retuning process prior to getting the C4 recording failure?

ref the AMC and TLC programmes - they're delivered over the IP network so if you'd like to, please ping me a PM with either your set top box serial or broadband line number and i'll be happy to take a more detailed look for you.



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Re: Failed Recording

Hi Failed recordings

14 and 15 May, ITV, Innocent

Series Linked

scheduled by EPG

Live in Yorkshire - Emly Moor mast

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Re: Failed Recording

Just thought I would add my failed recordings to this thread.  I have the DTR T2100 (29.58.0).... and I live in Central Belt of Scotland near Glasgow, so think it would be from Blackhill Transmitter.

I had an early failed recording that I can't quite remember enough about to post here, but it was a sunday evening movie on E4.

Monday 7th May at 9pm on ITV2, failed recording of Family Guy.... with this recording box was in 'standby mode'.  Recording was a single recording event done from EPG.

After this recording failed I have since always kept my box 'on' when recordings were planned as it seemed issue was for recordings from 'stand by' and subsequent recordings have all worked, until last night.

Wednesday 16th May at 8.30pm and 9pm on E4, failed recordings of Big Bang Theory then The 100.... both these recordings failed when the box was 'on'.  Recordings were single recording events and done from EPG.

Does seem like this issue has been going on a while and I hope a solution is found soon.

I also see BT have just announced 'New Features' for TV and Broadband customers.... I'm finding it really hard to be interested in or excited about 'New Features', when the most basic of current features is not working properly!!!!

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Re: Failed Recording

Yet another failed recording today, Home & Away lunchtime Channel 5HD.

Also, Pointless on BBC1HD missed the beginning of the programme but, eventually started to record.

This is becoming very annoying now.

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Re: Failed Recording

I have 2 DTRT2110’s both failed to record The Big Bang and Young Sheldon last night on E4 one box shows them as failed recordings and has Young Sheldon still in the schedule, Big Bang has finished so it’s gone as expected the other box shows no failed recordings and Young Sheldon isn’t in the schedule?

Both boxes are exactly the same when it comes to the software and variant numbers.

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Re: Failed Recording

After a rebooting the box the failed recordings and the listing missing from the schedule showed up after a couple of hours of the box being on?

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Re: Failed Recording

I've had failed recordings too with terrestrial channels. It appears when the box is on an Internet streaming channel recordings on terrestrial TV fail.
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Re: Failed Recording

Most recent failed recordings

16th May — E4

17th May — E4


Humax DTR T1000

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Re: Failed Recording

Yesterday the box managed to successfully record 1 programme from BBC on 101 and 1 on C4 on 104, great things seem back to normal, unfortunately tonight it starts recording Casualty on BBC 101 and 2 hrs later it’s still recording, well at least it started at the right time!

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