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Faulty YouView Box



Its gradually getting worse but my youview box isnt very well. Its freezing, it jumped back to just 11 channels and I had to rescan, I keep losing some of my recordings. You cant turn it on via remote control, you need to stand & press the power button for at least 30 seconds to switch it on, the remote does work when its on but its getting it to switch on. When you change channel you get sound (sometimes) but no picture for about 20-30 seconds minimum. You cant change channels right away either. 


I have been putting off reporting it as I have a load of stuff on the HD that I aint watched yet and know that the box will need to be swapped over but its goosed. 


Can anyone suggest anything please? 


I love it but its beginning to drive me nuts a bit now. Thanks 🙂 

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