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Freeview help required

Hi all,

I'm looking for advice on how to get free to air Freeview channels (ie. BBC, ITV, C4 etc) set up within my BT/Youview set top box and/or what other solutions I should look into.

I've recently signed up to BT as of November 2018, I was previously 9 years with Sky! I feel I've been missold the BT TV product as I was led to believe all channels are delivered to the set top box by way of the internet / ethernet cable.

I've tried to summarise as follows:


My TV Requirements:

1) "Live" TV, with recording functionality. By "Live" I mean receiving standard free to air channels.

2) Option of "Premium" channels ie. Sky Sports and/or BT Sports.

3) On demand TV - although this is less of a requirement as I know this is serviced via the internet.

4) Multi room potential



1) Low lieing house surrounded by quite large and bushy pine tree's.

2) Independent and BT TV aerial engineers have both visited and have said it will be impossible to get any aerial signal.

3) Satellite dish available, with single cable feed coming into the house. Bizarrely, this cable runs through a hose pipe and is buried within open ground to get to the house.

4) Satellite dish is however on a neighbouring community property. Sky unwilling to run a secondary feed unless satellite dish is on a private property.

5) Sky Q not an option as required dual satellite feed set up.

6) To be confirmed if I can have my own TV aerial / satellite installed on communal property.


My current set up:

1) Old Sky HD+ box - NOT CURRENTLY BEING USED but it's on it's last legs hence moving to BT TV as Sky could not provide a new solution.

2) New BT / Youview set top box - USED for premium Freeview and BT Sports channels.

3) Openbox V8S - USED as an interim Freesat solution to get some of the free to air channels. Ultimately, this means a) horrible EPG, and b) jumping between TV input sources which is less than ideal.

4) Google Chromecast - USED to cast BT TV via IPAD to another room. Albeit with the same challenge on how to get free to air channels.


My initial thinking is if there is someway to get Freesat feed into the Youview box but I know this isn't an option. I wondered if maybe there was hack and some converter device. Any advice would be appreciated.


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Re: Freeview help required

Hi @dclark82, the only viable solution that I know of is to do what you are already doing and use  Freesat recorder. That is what I did rather than having an aerial fitted, the bonus is being able to record up to 4 channels. Swapping between boxes is a pain but as I record almost everything now apart from sport, I watch my recordins in a way that minimises swapping boxes.

The downside is that you don't get All4 or ITV Player on the BT box without an aerial, nor do you get All4 and C4 HD on Freesat because of their spat with C4.

You could get another Sky+ HD box and use TV Link to watch the freeview channels in another room, although that obviously only gives you one room or the other at a time.

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