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Frequent IPC6023 Message

I'm now getting the IPC6023 message every 5-10 minutes on any Internet TV Channel e.g. Discovery, SyFy.


Network speeds seem fine, 33.8 download 8.44 upload.


Humax DTRT2100 running lates software (updated today, after this issue really started to bug me) 22.17.0. HomeHub 5a (has been powercycled). 


As well as being annoying, it's really daft that the error message appears (first the banner across the top and then the big pop-up window) and then it requires MANUAL intervention to get the stream back - why on earth it doesn't keep attempting to restart, I don't know? (The easiest 'fix' is to up one channel and back down again).


I've connected a latop running VLC to the rtp Test Channel using the same wiring (swapped over and back for two different tests) and had the system running side by side with the Humax box. The humax box failed twice in the tests whilst the test channnel kept on running - perhaps 4 droppped frames with over 500000KiB of download at 2487kb/s (see picture).

I have filled out the IPC6023 survey. Not sure what else I can do. Wonder if this box is iffy - it has failed to start properly on a few occasions. I would demand a swap out but I've quite a few recorded programmes that I'm pretty sure they wouldn't let me clone from the drive.


VLC vs Youview



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Re: Frequent IPC6023 Message

As an addendum - the BT 399 channel has just been running for 40 minutes on the Humax with no issue. Within 10 minutes of switching to 322 (Diiscovery) I get the IPC6023 😕
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Re: Frequent IPC6023 Message

BT Sports channels were iffy for me yesterday. I resorted to a full system restart ...


Turn off YV box, HH4 and Fibre modem.

Turn on fibre modem and allow to connect

Turn on HH4 and allow to connect and sync (blue light)

Turn on YV box and allow to start up.


After doing that the channels were OK.

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BT TV Expert
BT TV Expert
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Re: Frequent IPC6023 Message

Sorry to hear you are experiencing this issue. Please PM me your details and I will look into this issue.

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Re: Frequent IPC6023 Message

Just as an update th ebox is currently behaving itself.


Not sure what has happened to make it work.


It might be worth noting that the 399 test channel is not encryoted and so doesn't suffer from quite the same problems as the regular internet channels

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