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Frustration with not being able to order BT TV Max 4K UHD with 1TB Box

I am having difficulty ordering BT TV Max 4k as an add on to my existing service.

I currently have Superfast Fibre 2 Unlimited Since 5 June 2018.

On the BT website it states the following about my service:

You can get speeds up to 80Mb with Superfast Fibre 2 Unlimited, and you can get BT TV.

Fibre broadband
Download Speed:

Estimated download speed range*
Minimum Speed:

I am getting 76Mb download speed. So, I'm really pleased with my broadband service and now want to add BT TV.

I have a 65 inch Sony 4K TV, so I want the BT TV Max package with the Ultra HD 4K 1TB box.

I've tried all which ways to get this ordered - online, chat bots, calls to various 0800 numbers but to no avail - I keep getting offered BT TV Max HD with no 4K and the smaller box!!!

One call centre representative even ordered Max HD and told me it was Max 4K!!!

I only find out when the email confirming the order came through and showed the order as Max HD.

After many calls with various nice people I was told "computer says no" as their system says I can only get 4Mb download speeds! Their system is wrong - I get 76Mb download speeds.

I have cancelled Sky. I want to buy BT TV Max 4K UHD with the larger 1TB box. Why can't I? Help!

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Re: Frustration with not being able to order BT TV Max 4K UHD with 1TB Box

did you try the options team 0800800030?

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Re: Frustration with not being able to order BT TV Max 4K UHD with 1TB Box

Thanks, I don’t think so. I’ll give them a call.
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Re: Frustration with not being able to order BT TV Max 4K UHD with 1TB Box

I gave up in the end in my pursuit of 4K UHD, and decided to take up a £16 a month offer on Max HD with free BT Sport.

But, the fun and games didn't end. When I tried to order it, "computer said no" again.

After many conversations with lots of very nice and helpful people, who couldn't solve the problem, it was identified that "the computer daid no" because BT's system had me down as having BT TV from the misorder on 20th September!!!  So, it wasn't allowing me to order something it though I already had!

Only escalation to a complaint got it resolved. On 28th October, I was finally allowed to order BT TV  - "the computer said yes!".  

However, that is not the end of the saga I'm afraid. 

The Youview box arrived. I installed it. The service was activated on 1st of November. All the Freeview channels are in working order and can be recorded. But, there was no sign of the subscription channels anywhere!

Today, this morning, November 2nd, they were finally there when I switched on the box.

This evening I decided to test them out only to be faced with a screen message saying I had a BTP-15001 error and couldn't access them!!!!!! (SCREAM)

More time on the phone tonight with even more nice, helpful people who have escalated it to a "Camp 3", whatever the hell that is, and being told someone would call me in 24 hours to resolve.

I cancelled Sky for this!!! It went off yesterday, and now I can only watch freeview. (SCREAM AGAIN!!!).



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Re: Frustration with not being able to order BT TV Max 4K UHD with 1TB Box

Hi @minkreach61 sorry you are having a problem with your BTTV service.

We will be happy to help you with this if you send us your details. You can contact us by clicking on my user name and selecting contact the mods. 


Community ModeratorJohnC
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Re: Frustration with not being able to order BT TV Max 4K UHD with 1TB Box

@JohnC2 Thanks, I have done as you requested. Hopefully this saga can be quickly resolved and I can actually get to watch and record the subscription channels.

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