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Go multi-room by adding a BT TV Box Mini

Not only have we made it possible for the BT TV Box Pro to run without the need for an aerial we are also super excited to launch the newest set top box in our range.  The new BT Box Mini is the first all IP set top box for BT, which means it only delivers content over the internet and does not have an aerial port.  The BT Box Mini will replace the current Z4 mini box as a multiroom only box and like the Z4 it’s a non-recordable box.


BT TV Box Mini.png


The BT TV Box Mini lets you watch TV in an extra room of your house – meaning you can keep the whole house happy while watching different shows, in a different room, at the very same time. And just like our BT TV Box Pro, it connects to your Smart Hub via wi-fi. So you can watch your favourite channels without the need for an aerial. Just plug in, connect, and get watching.


BT TV Box Mini will come with:


  • Wi-Fi 6 compatibility


  • 4K HDR


  • Dolby Atmos


  • Bluetooth remote control.



We published some tips and advice when connecting via wi-fi so check out this link, BT TV Box & Mini - wi-fi tips for improved performance to get the best possible experience accessing BT TV over wi-fi .  Also, the most popular Freeview channels will be available over your broadband connection.  But, there will be some Freeview channels that will still rely on an aerial connection.  For a full list of these channels please visit, Internet mode Freeview channel guide