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I’ve got a Smart Samsung TV and a BT Youview box. Over the last few days strange things are happening! We use both remotes and usually when we turn on the box with the BT remote the TV turns on. Now, intermittently, sometimes neither remote will work, we have changed the batteries and it makes no difference. Often we can’t even adjust the volume with the remotes.  At other times it’s fine. The box sometimes doesn’t turn the tv on with the remote,at other times it does. Searching on YouTube sometimes causes it to freeze, sometimes not! When we can’t actually get anything to turn on I switch the box off with the rocker switch and turn back on after a few minutes, and it usually sorts itself out, if not we leave it an hour or so and then it’s ok - till the next time! I don’t believe it’s the tv as it’s only a couple of years old but am wondering if the box is failing. Could the hard drive be going.. might that be causing all these glitches? Would appreciate any advice in plain language please.

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Re: Gremlins!

Too true gremlins.

Last night we were watching something on catchup, scrolled back a couple of minutes as we missed a part of the dialogue, tried to play and it froze.  It actually restarted itself this time, as if we'd switched it off and on at the back.

This is a brand new BT Youview+ box.  We've had it happen on the 3 year old first generation youview box, and got that box becasue the humax before it did similar at around 3 years old. 

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Re: Gremlins!

Anyone else with any ideas? Would be helpful to confirm that it is the box. Still playing up today and have done a full,factory reset. Thanks.
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