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I've not had a TV service for 3 weeks - HELP

Had my installation on 25th April, everything went OK apart from the TV engineer said the youview box was faulty and he'd order a new one ASAP. Thursday 5th May, nothing arrived, called customer service and the order hadn't been placed and they couldn't get a new box out until Tuesday and this had to go to my home address. So obviously I was at work so it went to my post office and I picked it up on Thursday, plugged it in and it still didn't work. I've now spend hours and hours chasing and testing to get this issue sorted with the tech support but even they cannot resolve the issue. Their solution is to get another engineer to come out in 3 days time, do they expect em to take another day off work? What do I have to do to get the TV to work!!!???

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BT TV Expert
BT TV Expert
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Re: I've not had a TV service for 3 weeks - HELP



Sorry to hear you are having problems.


When you say the box isn't working, what exactly do you mean?


Are you getting errors displayed on the screen or is the box just completely dead?


If you send me a private message with your landline number I will look into this for you.




BT TV expertGavinL
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