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IPC-6023 error with a Netgear router


I am looking for some help to resolve my infamous IPC-6023 error.

I am using a Netgear R8500 router with a BT Openreach ECI modem. The internet is perfect. I can reach the max download and upload speeds. There are not any dropped connections. This part is all good.

The problem is that when I which channels on the youview box then I am seeping this error. When I switch to another channel and back then the error goes away and everything is fine for a short time. Then the error occurs again. After doing this switching to another channel and back dance for like 6-7 times solves the whole issue and I can watch the channel until I want to watch another channel. If I do that this whole thing starts again and it gets pretty annoying really soon.

I was going through this forum and tried all the tricks I could find but nothing really solves the problem.

The " Support British Telecom (BT)IGMP Proxying" setting is turned on the router. The youview box is connected to the router with an ethernet cable. The router and the box have the latest software installed.

I tried to restart them after the error occurred but did not help. It was still happening. I also tried to change the DNS address on the youview box to Google's DNS server but it did not help.

The weird thing is that is not happening with all of the channels. Also, it is not happening on all of the days. It is also weird that the BT test channel never stops, it never freezes.

I saw that some people on this forum reported that they solved the issue after a mod contacted them but they have never posted the solution. So I decided to post this message and get some help.

Thank you.

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Re: IPC-6023 error with a Netgear router

I use a Netgear Orbi and Draytek modem and had similar problems, ie. internet based channels play for a while then stop. I could resume viewing by changing channels then changing back again.  This happened at fairly regular intervals :

The mods contacted me and one of their tech team phoned me, he remotely accessed my line and changed some parameters.  It was something to do with some updates they made last autumn that caused issues with multicast.  

Whatever he changed for me did the trick and its been rock solid ever since.

Good luck, I hope you get it sorted.


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Re: IPC-6023 error with a Netgear router

I have the same problem with Netgear Orbi and an HG612 modem - BT TV works OK for 5 minutes and then stops until I change channels.

What is the solution?

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Re: IPC-6023 error with a Netgear router

One of the BT support guys did something to my line/box.   I had to temporarily plug my old home hub in. He ran some tests remotely and reconfigured something (I thought in the firmware of the bt-box).  My orbi config remained exactly the same, as did my modem.

His summary was that the problem related to some recent changes (end of 2017) that caused some additional periodic IGMP traffic.  This traffic caused the IPC-6023 message.  After he was done, my connection has been 100%.


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