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I had problems whatching the rugby the other Sunday which resulted in numerous IPC6023 error codes. After contacting BT a fault was found on the line which as been 'resolved'.


My bb speed used to be 12.5mbs but now it's about 5.7mbs. I have used the BT Testing tool which indicates 'poor service throughput performance'.


Is there still a problem or is that the final speed?


Fibre is imminant so has the adsl speed been reduced to make it seem more attractive ,or am i just cynical?

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Re: IPC6023

Best to post a broadband speed/fault question over on the standard ADSL broadband forum board. You should get lots of useful feedback on there.

If you can get the broadband speed back up higher then the BT TV errors might hopefully disappear.
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Re: IPC6023

Thanks, moved it across. 

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Re: IPC6023

Hi RJ414i,


Thanks for posting. I can see you're getting help on your broadband thread but you could also try 'IPC' error codes on YouView.





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Re: IPC6023

I cured my IPC6023 errors by wiring directly to the Home Hub ( no power line extenders).


im not 100% sure what the underlying issue was. I have had BT Sport since launch and have used th HD channel variants since getting BT Infinity over 12 months ago. I had watched HD content from many online sources including BT sport / iPlayer / Amazon Prime without issue. This was via Powerline extender (with one end of the extender connected to a mains extension - breaching the guidelines).


with hindsight, I started getting IP6023 errors when I moved my BT Box to another room. At the same time I up graded the Powerline extenders to faster versions that explicitly stated compatibility with Video Streaming (TP Link AV502).


It took me a while to appreciate the difference between Live Streaming (Multicasting) v Play On demand. I have a new 4k TV and can watch 4K content over wireless from Home hub with no issues.  I was convinced that the problem was within BT network / local exchange. 


This is evening I finally connected BT box to Home Hub via Ethernet and have had no more IPC6023 errors. So the issue was either the new Powerline adaptors or the mains wiring to the new room location.

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Re: IPC6023

Hi David M,



I have checked the IPC error codes on Youview all to no avail. I have done various resets but still have problems with the BTS channels.


The router is connected from the phone socket behind the tv with a cat5 cable to the master socket which is in the attic.


A speed test on both sockets [test socket on master] read the same so not internal wiring fault.


A openreach engineer fixed a 'phone fault' last Wednesday but said if there was no BB improvement then a 'broadband' engineer would be required??


When I reported the BT Sport problem to 'India' He acknowledged a slow bb speed of 6.25mbs, which he said is close to the lower limit for BTTV.


On the MY BT page it states that I should be getting 14Mb.


All a bit confusing and annoying



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