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Re: Impressed with mutlicast adsl

Other than trying to get more ££ out of you by forcing you to go fttc. I will jump for FTTC as soon as my cab goes live (within the next few months) but in the mean time it woulod of been nice to have the extra channels in SD over copper. Saying how well BTS1/2 and ESPN work you have to think that BT missed a trick with this one.

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Re: Impressed with mutlicast adsl

@PB54 wrote:

What I do not understand is that I can watch BT Sport on my iPhone (tiny screen) or PC (small screen) over the wifi connection from my home hub but not on my YouView box (massive screen) which has a wired connection to my home hub!! That doesn't make sense to me.

The Youview box doesn't currently have support for the types of live unicast streams your PC and Phone can consume, such as Apple HLS and Adobe HDS. It won't be possible to deliver BBC Connected Red Button without this, so I imagine it will be a feature provided very soon.


That's assuming YouView are still interested in providing features for the PSBs, now they have reduced their funding.

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