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In praise of BT for once maybe..

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its long time since I have posted on here. when I did most of it was kinda not positive, but hey those were the dark/infant days of broadband.
I do watch this forum I have learned so much just by reading what ya cats say and know and have the solutions that have helped me..
however I just want to say from my own experience with BT the quality and the customer service has got so much better now they brought back their (majority ) of CS back to UK and Ireland. a case in point what happened to me today......

woke up and my BT you view box had a weird problem, without going into much detail it would not show my scheduled recordings even though it was showing in EPG. tried the usual stuff re boot etc. so called BT got a kool girl in Newcastle who did tests and concluded that an engineer should be sent out. so I thought ok, that's gona be next week sometime. but no, it was booked in same day. in fact he called and said can he come early. he came with  a new box and it was installed. sweet as . now I do understand I live in central London so it may not be the same for ya all but I'm just pointing out in my opinion BT have got so much better of late.... And No, I I have no affiliation to BT. I'm just a customer.. Hey, just saying... 

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Re: In praise of BT for once maybe..

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Hi @Sundance  welcome back and thanks for your feedback. Good to hear that you find the forum a great source of information and also when you called with a fault it got fixed very quickly 🙂


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