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Incredibly bad software and internet connection

Having previously had Virgin Media (and currently have Sky) the BT Youview software really is terrible:

-Recorded an FA cup game from last week. Game went to extra time. Was the Youview/BT software smart enough to realise this and continue recording? No, it cut the programme early.

-Go to play a recording and sometimes says "recording unavailable" (even though it did record)

-Was recording matches on two channels once. I turned the box on, thinking they had finished. Because BT don't allow recording two channels and watching a third, it turned to one of the two recording matches (spoiling the result). In contrast sky will take you to a "dummy" channel, rather than forcing you to watch the recording channel.

-Recorded a programme (on the BT box hard drive). Went to play the recording and it said "Internet unavailable", even though the current channel was playing (so internet was fine) and a recording should not require the internet, it's downloaded to the hard drive!

I would be embarassed if I was a Youview software developer

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Re: Incredibly bad software and internet connection

Hi @faa77 welcome to the community.

The Fa Cup replay  that was incomplete  was that the  Blackpool v Solihull Motors game on Tuesday 18 December  ?

If so which channel did you record it off  ie BT Sport 1 , Bt Sport HD1 or BT Sport 4K UHD ?

Recordings made off IPTV channels  will require a broadband connection wnen you attempt to playback as there is a need to confirm that you still have an active subscription to the content.

Why you are getting Recording Unavailable  and Internet Unavailable is unclear - the error codes (if any)   might give further clues hear.





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