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Is Live eurosport without sport package?

Looking at getting  entertainment plus,but one channel I'll miss is eurosport live channels if I purchase  discovery plus which is £59 a year including sport will I be able to watch eurosport live channels on BT so I can record them or will it only be available on the discovery app...I don't watch anything on bt or sky sports so don't really want to add the cost of £17 a month to get eurosport..any advice appreciated 🙂

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Re: Is Live eurosport without sport package?

From what I can see I believe you need a BT Sport subscription of any sort to get eurosport or discovery plus, certainly the channel list for entertainment on the website makes no mention of eurosport anyway

If you bought discovery+ separately it will only be available via that & not on the BT box

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Re: Is Live eurosport without sport package?

If you purchase Discovery+ direct via the app, you can only watch via the app but make sure that the level of subscription you're buying includes sport 

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Re: Is Live eurosport without sport package?

Its app based, I have all the sport packages. The new Discovery +, as you say is an app and cannot be recorded via the box. If you have BT Sport then you can use a F.......k etc to watch, otherwise speak to BT re Eurosport. Seems daft that they cannot put Discovery + as a box channel. Maybe next year, same company owns them.

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Re: Is Live eurosport without sport package?

I agree and it's not competitive.

With Sky, you get Discovery Plus including eurosport with their basic entertainment package for free as well.

I recently moved to sky stream before Christmas and I have not regretted it so far.

Perhaps it will get more competitive when it's under EE. 

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