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Issues with Youview+ box since got a new TV

Hi. I was wondering if anybody could help shed some light on this - I can't seem to solve it even after lots of moving cables about / changing settings on the TV and box etc.

My mum recently replaced an old LG TV with a new Hisense one. She had no problems before with the BT Youview+ box - everything on the schedule, one-offs, series always recorded fine. Since she's had the new TV, there've been recording issues and I'm trying to sort it out for her.

I've noticed that there's always now some kind of EPG/recording lag on the Youview+ box and the box then 'misses' programmes until I 'manually' help it to update.

For example, say it was scheduled to record Bargain Hunt at 12.15 pm as the first programme of the day. If I switch on the TV at 12.30 pm and go on to Youview MyTV I'd find Bargain Hunt at 12.15 would still be sitting in scheduled but not recording. If I then actually switched 'live' to BBC1, I'd briefly get the name of some programme that had been on earlier in the morning at the bottom of the screen, then the writing/title would quickly switch/update to Bargain Hunt and recording would start.

So why's the EPG apparently lagging (so the box, it seems, doesn't get the right message to start recording) but once it gets that 'manual' kickstart it's fine for the rest of the day until the same carry on the next day. I changed the setting to Always Ready to try to prevent any overnight sleeping but that hasn't fixed it.

The software's up to date.  I tried the same box on a different older TV in another room and it works fine (no lags or missed programmes). Are there compatibility/interference issues between the BT box and certain TVs / makes of TVs or newer technology. I'm using all the same cables as before.

I know there's catch up TV but she likes to forward through ads as I'm sure most of us do. Thanks for your help.

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Re: Issues with Youview+ box since got a new TV

Hi @Dino1 

How are you connecting your STB between the two TVs? 

The fact that the STB seems to work okay in a different location suggests that it's the connection between your hub and the STB that's the problem. The new TV is just displaying the output and won't affect recording problems or lagging. In changing the TV though cables will have obviously been disturbed.

Try a different ethernet cable then a different port on the hub. If you're using wifi extenders then that could be the problem.

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