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Less HD Freeview Channels

So there seems to be some major changes going on to Freeview at the moment with regards to making space for the new 5G mobile services.

Which is fine, as all of us will sooner or later benefit from the new 5G services, however...

There seems to have been some major casualties regarding the already limited number of HD channels via Freeview!

Several HD channels are disappearing in order to free up spectrum for the new 5G services.

This in my view is disappointing, as the the range of HD channels offered by Freeview was to start with very limited,

Surely Freeview needs to be moving to more HD channels, not less!

So this leads me to a direct question for BT TV...

Does BT TV have any plans outside of the NowTV catalogue of channels to offer any of these lost HD channels as internet provided HD channels?

It feels like my choice of channels with BT TV is get less and less...

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Re: Less HD Freeview Channels

Which HD channels have you lost, and do you know which transmitter you are receiving freeview from?

On most main transmitters, they have been moving multiplexes to accommodate 5G services. On a few transmitters, 1 or 2 multiplexes are being turned off.

I would try a retune of the box, just to make sure.

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Re: Less HD Freeview Channels


Yes, I agree, I thought there would be changes but no HD channel losses...

However... from the Freeview website, I quote...

"From 22 June 2020 changes are being made to the way some channels are currently broadcast.

Following a decision by Ofcom to make more bandwidth available for mobile data, and after discussions with channels impacted, the transmitter operator Arqiva has chosen to stop transmitting services on some specific airwaves.

Unfortunately, this means some +1 and HD TV services have closed."

So for me the following is closing...

Channel 4HD+1

4Seven HD


CBeebies HD

So that's 4 HD channels gone...

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Re: Less HD Freeview Channels

You're right, I've just picked that up reading over on

It's news to me, not good news either.

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Re: Less HD Freeview Channels

What a annoys me is that all across the internet it says up to HD 15 channels!

Well we are now down to 11, it's 2020!!!!!!!

Freeview, get a grip! 

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Re: Less HD Freeview Channels

Following channels gone or going...


109 Channel 4+1 HD

110 4Seven HD

115 TJC HD

55 5Star+1

56 5USA+1

67 CBS Reality+1

69 CBS Justice+1

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Re: Less HD Freeview Channels

Thanks a LOT of HD channels!!!!

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Re: Less HD Freeview Channels

It has been known about for some time that these changes were coming. Two muxes (7&8) were only ever temporary ones which allowed for several more HD channels to be broadcast for a limited period.  The following article explains a few things, including more why cannot be broadcast now and how it is proposed to build the capacity back up.

BTW, it’s neither Freeview or BT’s fault that these changes have happened.

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Re: Less HD Freeview Channels


Thanks for sharing this, it's great information.

However, even the best case seems to be that we lose 5 HD channels now, and at sometime in the future we may possibly gain 6 HD channels, so at best we gain one more HD channel after losing 5 for a period of time.

I appreciate this is not BT TV and Freeview's direct fault, my question to BT TV was simple...

Are there any plans to bring these HD channels back via IP, as they do right now with a range of channels.

There are MANY channels broadcast in HD that can be received via both SKY and Virgin, so my point is this...

What is BT TV's position on this, are BT TV customers now facing a slow decline in the amount of HD linear content offered by the service?

*** Edit ***

My point is this...

Here is a recent HD channel list for Virgin, one or two of these may be wrong, as channels seem to change daily at the moment, but the scope, if you wish to pay is far greater than BT TV...

100 - Virgin Media Previews HD
101 - BBC One HD*
102 - BBC Two HD
103 - ITV/STV HD*
105 - Channel 5 HD
107 - BBC Four HD
108 - BBC One HD/BBC Scotland HD*
109 - Sky One HD
111 - Sky Witness HD
113 - ITV HD*
121 - Sky Comedy HD
124 - GOLD HD
132 - Comedy Central HD
134 - MTV HD
135 - Sky Crime HD
137 - SYFY HD
139 - E! HD
141 - Channel 4 HD
145 - E4 HD
150 - Paramount Network HD
156 - Sky Arts HD
162 - BBC Scotland HD*
166 - S4C HD
167 - TLC HD
169 - Quest HD
176 - ITV2 HD
177 - ITV3 HD
178 - ITV4 HD
179 - ITVBe HD
195 - More4 HD
199 - FOX HD
203 - 4Seven HD
208 - Lifetime HD
209 - Crime Investigation HD
211 - W HD
212 - alibi HD
227 - Dave HD
247 - Eden HD
250 - Discovery HD
251 - Animal Planet HD
265 - National Geographic WILD HD
268 - National Geographic HD
275 - Love Nature HD
276 - Smithsonian Channel HD
311 - MTV Live HD
401 - Sky Cinema Premiere HD
402 - Sky Cinema Select HD
403 - Sky Cinema Hits HD
404 - Sky Cinema Greats HD
405 - Sky Cinema Disney HD
406 - Sky Cinema Family HD
407 - Sky Cinema Action HD
408 - Sky Cinema Comedy HD
409 - Sky Cinema Thriller HD
410 - Sky Cinema Drama HD
411 - Sky Cinema Sci-Fi & Horror HD
416 - TCM Movies HD
429 - Film4 HD
501 - Sky Sports Main Event HD
502 - Sky Sports Premier League HD
503 - Sky Sports Football HD
504 - Sky Sports Cricket HD
505 - Sky Sports Golf HD
506 - Sky Sports F1 HD
507 - Sky Sports Action HD
508 - Sky Sports Arena HD
509 - Sky Sports News HD
510 - Sky Sports Mix HD
521 - Eurosport 1 HD
522 - Eurosport 2 HD
527 - BT Sport 1 HD
528 - BT Sport 2 HD
529 - BT Sport 3 HD
530 - BT Sport ESPN HD
536 - Racing TV HD
544 - LFC TV HD
551 - Premier Sports 1 HD
552 - Premier Sports 2 HD
553 - FreeSports HD
601 - BBC News HD
602 - Sky News HD
609 - Bloomberg HD
624 - France 24 English HD
625 - NHKworld HD
701 - CBBC HD
702 - CBeebies HD
714 - Nick HD
732 - Cartoon Network HD
801 - Star Gold HD
803 - Star Plus HD
810 - Zee Cinema HD
832 - France 24 French HD

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Re: Less HD Freeview Channels

Unfortunately, I think that BT will not be allowed to add any new channels to IP given that the deal with Sky/Now TV meant that they could not sell their other channels alongside Now TV.


If BT were able to sell their other channels alongside the Now TV packs along with some of the Freeview channels in HD then it would an outstanding service.  At the moment, it's just OK.

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