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Let's have a real conversation about

Hey first off  I've been with bt for a while.  I do remember the days of their first router ( the white one such rubbish)   however  on the whole the CS  has got so much better when they bought it home so to speak.  But now.  I'm not so sure about the TV package.  Its well known sky are going to loose HBO  which is a big chunk  of bt TV 

I live in London.  I'm lucky to have access to community broadband when my contract ends 

The point being BT  because of your price rises  and your ridiculous  24 month contract   . Tic Toc  

Wake TFU cause we are leaving  which for me would be a shame because  imo ya have some really good people in your cs now 


Not a rant  no anger just realization I guess  




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Re: Let's have a real conversation about

As far as streaming goes, I think too many individual companies have tried to launch services rather than place their content through the previous market leaders.  There aren't enough subscribers for all these platforms and so providers are scaling back - giving customers even less reason to subscribe.  I think at least one or two of the current streaming leaders will either need to change their model or merge!

I only learn by making mistakes and owning up to them - boy do I learn a lot!