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Live recordings

A quick search of Google and this forum shows I'm not alone with this issue.

I record cycling regularly on Eurosport, as the recording time is fixed by the box and races sometimes run late I miss the last 5 minutes if the race, making watching the previous several hours pretty pointless. Since Saturday the box has missed the end of 100% of the recordings I've made.....

BUT as a workaround I now have to record the following programs to ensure I get the whole race thus filling the drive up with hours of hd content I don't want.

This is applicable to any live event eg football going to extra time, a concert running over etc.

Previously had virgin media box, this recognised live events and prompted you to add extra time +1hr,+2hrs etc as required. I also had a VHS video recorder in 1986 that could do the same!!!!!

Can we add the option above PLEASE


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Re: Live recordings

Extra padding of one form or another has been requested from almost day 1 of Youview I think.

Youview use Accurate Recording (AR) which takes a signal from the broadcaster to indiacte the end of a program.

The big drawback is that not all broadcasters update timings based on overrun or even get it wrong when there is no overrun. The BBC were very good at getting it right but now even they err frequently.

Youview are of the view that AR is the way to go (stay) and will almost certainly never change unfortunately.


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