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Lost HD channels

Hello, I'm trying to get to the bottom of this, my YouView box has been working fine till last night, when I started getting blank screens and YMV302 messages for all the HD channels. All the SD channels are still fine.


Our transmitter is Black Hill and I can't find any reports of issues with it. I have a communal aerial but a neighbour with BT Infinity and YouView off the same aerial has no problems with his HD channels. 


I'm wondering if it's a problem with the box - is there a separate HD tuner that could be faulty?

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Re: Lost HD channels

Hi theviceofreason, are you still having this problem or have you managed to get it cleared up?

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Re: Lost HD channels

Hi Dean, a couple of people on the YouView forum had some suggestions and it seems it might be weather related. I've retuned a few times and the channels are back, then lost again, then back. We've had thunderstorms, does it seem likely that they could affect it? I'm told HD channels are more susceptible for some reason.
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