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MOD Help needed IPC 6023.

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After a few weeks of BT trying to activate BT sport subscription onto  BTTV it seems they have nearly succeeded. I now have BT sports on my android and laptop but on the BTTV box I get error ipc 6023. All other devices on the same router work fine. BTTV player works fine on the bttv box. 

The router it is connected to is a netgear xr500

I'm on Fttp infin 3.  200/20

Things I have tried.

using the BT smart hub. same error

factory reset BT TV box/retuned channels ect..

Manually set the IP/dns settings on the box

changed cable (even tho players work on the BT box)  direct cable to the box

Any chance a Moderator could look into this for me. I don't think I can face another phone call for the umpteenth time to be told it will be fixed by midnight afte 45 mins on the phone every time. (not this particular fault.. but others endured over the last 3 1/2 months.






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Re: MOD Help needed IPC 6023.

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ok...   found a setting in the netgear for 'IGMP proxy for BT'   disabled/enabled  and rebooted the router... i got BT on the box... but no HD.. will try to sort that later..should be subscribed to it... but...     amyways... put the sky hub back on... still got same error... so reset the box... manually put the ip setting in  (dns ... entries from the skybox.. and after changing channels a few sport burst into life....  result.



Why y the sky hub never worked in the first place i'll never know.. mayb someone at the far end did somethng coincidental with me messing about with it...  :-)


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