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Missing Freeview channels

Can someone explain this to me. I have a BT youview ultra HD box. I recently moved my TV into another room and when I reconected it, a few of the freeview channels were breaking up and showing a "poor quality or no signal" message. I folowed the help guide of things to try. Afte a retune the channels (BBC News, BBC4  Aljazeera etc) are completely missing. I then ran an ariel cable from the ariel out of the box to the ariel in on my TV. I retuned freeview on the TV and I have all the channels.


Question is, why is my TV picking up these channels and my YV box not when they are tuning into the same signal

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Re: Missing Freeview channels

Most TV tuners are more capable than the Youview box tuners which is why you see the difference.

Obviously with the move to another room the aerial input in that room is not as good as the room you moved from, possibly the aerial lead is daisy chained from the room or there's some poor wiring involved.

I would firstly check the connection in the aerial output box making sure that it is as good as possible.

Can you check what signal strength & quality you get in the Youview box for a variety of channels, the target is 100% for quality & 90%+ for strength. What I think you might find is that yours will be way below this.

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