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Missing channels on T4000 box

Is anyone having problems with lost channels in the Yorkshire area?

I have a T4000 box, which has worked fine till recently loosing some of the UKTV channels such as Dave/Really/ Quest etc.

I've retuned the channels but still not there.

I have a good roof arial, and can even get them on the bedroom tv, using a loft area without a youview box.

Any ideas please?

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BT TV Expert
BT TV Expert
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Re: Missing channels on T4000 box

Hi @jbancroft1 and thanks for the post.

As you might know, the channels available depend on which transmitter your TV gets it signal from and the strength of the signals. Depending on where you are in Yorkshire, Emley Moor, Winter Hill or Oxendale are likely sources for the Freeview TV channels you get including Dave, Quest and others. We know Digital UK have been doing a lot of work in preparation for 700mhz which means some channels have moved on the spectrum and their power levels.

You've done a retune which is great as it rules out one potential issue so if you'd like to send me a Private Message (click on my signature to do that) with your set top box serial number, I'd be happy to take a look for you to see what else might be causing the problem.



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