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Netflix/Now TV voices too low, sound too loud

Thank you in advance for anyone that may have a solution. 

We moved to BT from Sky recently and while having Now TV and Netflix on the apps is great, the sound is all over the place. Voices too low and sound way too loud which makes watching a movie very annoying. 

It's connected via hdmi to my toshiba tv, no soundbar and the settings on your view are set to Stereo, switching to Surround means no sound come out. 

Does anyone know a way to fix it? 


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Distinguished Sage
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Re: Netflix/Now TV voices too low, sound too loud

Its down to the content providers, there is not much you can do about it. Its the same on our Smart TV, although there is a volume limiting fuction which helps to some extent.

Its much the same on the YouView box, althogh we tend to use the apps on the TV now.

Even on FreeView, the program companies do not seem to employ any decent sound technicians any more, since everything has gone digital.

Its a case of keeping the remote control at the ready, and turning the voulume up and down as needed. If you do have an amplifier or TV which has a dynamic range limiter, then that can help.

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