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Netflix and BBC IPlayer Buffering

Since moving to BT we have major problems with buffering and in the end we have to terminate the programme or film.

BT say it is down the the provider, but don't seem to be getting any help or answers from them, any ideas please. 

I left TalkTalk due to bad service and hoax calls thought BT would be better, we didn't have this problem when with TalktTalk!

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Re: Netflix and BBC IPlayer Buffering

How are you accessing Iplayer/Netflicks ?, on a smart TV, tablet , phone, ?

Is your router (home hub) plugged into the master phone socket or an extension socket ?, is anything connected with an Ethernet cable or is everything  WiFi connected ?

First thing to do is (if not already done) connect the Home hub into the master socket test port, and connect a device (laptop/pc/smart Tv) with an Ethernet cable and try a to watch something on that wired device to see if any improvement.

Other things to try , plug a known working phone (preferably a corded phone) into the test socket , dial 17070 , take the 'quiet line test' option, and listen for any noise...if the line is noisy , report it to your landline provider .

Access your router advanced settings page and post the report , TBH, Netflicks and BBC I player should work OK with quite modest speeds (2-3Mb) , when you try and use these services, are others using your broadband at the same time ?

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Re: Netflix and BBC IPlayer Buffering

Thank you, 

all sounds rather technical...

nothing is connected to the hub other that the usual line to the main BT phone socket. I only us the ethernet cable if I want to use the laptop which is quite rare. 



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