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Re: New features

@jam2000 Going to have to try this. They used to only offer SD because of their Sky deal. That would be a good compromise whilst they are being difficult agreeing a deal with BT.

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Re: New features

@DarrenDevThanks for the update and to listening to us

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Re: New features

@SoupDragon57 this was when watching bangers and cash restoring classics 

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Re: New features

@jam2000 I think you are right! I just watched Red Dwarf X and it looked HD to me.

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Re: New features

I changed our box over to IP on Friday and I’m happy with it. I particularly like having ITV4 in HD now because of the sport that’s shown on there. We’ve got BT Sport and NOW Entertainment with the HD/UHD add-on and we also get Sky Sports News as part of our subscription. I’m confused by the comment by @Anonymous that Sky Sports News HD has greatly improved. Are all of my channels now being delivered in better quality since last Friday? I thought it was only the ones that were previously delivered by aerial plus channels such as ITV4HD that weren’t previously available to BTTV customers. 

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Re: New features

Perhaps it's something to do with bandwidth. But yes, both my terrestrial over the internet channels as well as my Sky sports hd channels have definitely improved in picture quality.

I'm a bit of a fuss pot over my TV and albeit an amateur have calibrated my picture settings for the last 20 years or so.

But. And yes there's a but.

Channel 465 in 4k HDR is still way to dim no matter what I try, so i intend to stuck with 433 for now.

Hope that helps.


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Re: New features

Is your box in 10bit mode for hdr? Some tvs (like mine) only activate it on certain hdmi ports.

Once on 10bit mode it should be bright as it was for me.


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Re: New features


10bit is enabled on the TV hdmi source and on the BT box yes.

Funny thing, the test footage is nothing like the live football games in terms of colour presentation and temperature- despite both having a HDR signal notification.

The test footage is way brighter and colour saturated. 

Notably, my other sources of equivalent content from the TV built in apps or my Xbox one S display the 4k HDR content perfectly.

I have a Philips pus7805 Ambilight.





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Re: New features

The Ultimate HDR picture is much much better on my Roku 4K HDR stick than that on 465. The football broadcast on 465 is a far cry from the 465 promo material.

As for all other channels...WOW!!! BT have pulled a blinder 👍

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Re: New features

Agreed, bitrates are quite high.

Really good service. I'll have to check ultra hd 465 again and see properly.

Definitely a good platform. I too have noticed improvements across the board. This might be because manufacturer software was updated with component software. Possibly box drivers were updated which could affect the quality being better.

Fair play to bt, I've noticed the box caps out just over 100mbps (133mbps in my case after speed testing in Netflix app - goto help in Netflix then there's a check network test) in speed over ethernet. I'm hardwired to the router with some quality cat6 cable (draka uc400 HD cat6).


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