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Registered: ‎31-05-2012
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No HDMI signal via youview box



I have had YouView from BT since December last year, (Humax box) and had been perfectly happy with it until early July since when I can no longer get a signal via hdmi to my tv.


As soon as the Humax splash screen changes to the Youview one the hd signal fails. I can connect via scart and it display as you would expect but nothing via hdmi.


The display on the box still shows it is receiving the hd signal but still nothing. I waited a while as I needed to watch some of my recordings & I could not do a soft reset as I got the BFIS but the box would still boot up to scart. I tried a full factory reset, wiping recordings etc & that did not make any difference either.


I have tried all 4 hdmi ports on my LG tv (which had been working well together for over 7 months) tried several different cables and tried the youview box in my over tv which is a Panasonic and still nothing via HDMI.


I guess it will have to be a swap job but by all accounts the customer service sounds like a pain.


Any suggestions before a get put in a queue and told that my call is important to us?