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No sound - BT Youview Box Pro

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I have a BT TV Box Pro. It's been working perfectly well. Then today I turn it on and there is no sound. I have tried many things to try and get sound with no luck. I'll list them here so no one needs to tell me to try them:

1. TV itself, sound works   2. Other set top digi box, sound works   3. Pro Box remote, mute on and off, double check mutes on TV and on other box both unmuted  4. Youview Box, check AD is off    5. Youview Box, go to sound settings -> picture & sound - changed HDMI Sound and S/PDIF settings to all combinations.  6.  Youview box, tried both live and recorded playback 7. Rebooted Pro Box a number of times while trying all the above.

Sound setting on Youview is at 100% so it definitely isn't set too low!!

Checked all cable connections.

Because the  TV itself and the other digi box have sound, the problem must be with the Pro Box itself/setting.

Nothing has worked. Any other suggestions?

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Re: No sound - BT Youview Box Pro

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I would unplug it and leave it for a while if possible. That’s worked for me before with our Pro  Box.

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Re: No sound - BT Youview Box Pro

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Thanks!! It worked.

I had tried the switch off, leave a while, switch on, but not for long enough. This time I left it for about an hour.

I've had a load of similar silly things go wrong with this box. My previous BT Humax Youview box never gave any trouble at all. It's very frustrating.