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Parental Control

Hi I wonder if anybody can help.  I recently upgraded to VIP TV package,  with access to Sky etc via NOW, and was sent a new UHD YouView box which I have installed.  My problem is that many of the channels, Movies, Crime etc are prompting me to enter my parental control PIN.  I am 50+ and really don't need my TV box needing parental confirmation for so many channels! 🙂 I am sure with the previous boxes I could just turn off the requirement for parental PIN but my only two options available on this box appear to be to either hide/display adult channels or chose the category level, PG, 15+, Over 18, at which the PIN is requested but no option to say PIN not required.  This only becomes annoying when I am station hopping and it continues to ask for the PIN, would really appreciate some guidance.

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Re: Parental Control

Hi @Knickem2 

If Mandatory PIN Daytime protection is in use then you will be required to enter a PIN.

The  box Parental Control  will allow you to set  in Settings your own options to Restrict Rated Programmes but  a live broadcast programme may still force a mandatory parental Pin to be input.

There does seem to be a recent uptake in using mandatory PINs on some entertainment channels  , they have been used on selected Film channels  for  a while.  


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