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Picture break up with BT sport and other internet channels

I have had an openreach engineer out who checked our set up and when he came everything worked well but I still have problems with the picture breaking up when watching BT sport via the Internet so for example it's been impossible to follow the game today. I have BT fibre, a BT router, and a BT YouView box and a Samsung 4G TV. The box is connected to the router via a BT broadband extender kit, both plugs are plugged into a socket, not an extension lead. Often the picture break up, freezes and goes black when watching BT sport and sometimes when watching iplayer etc.. I have tried resetting the router and powering off the extender plugs but this doesn’t solve the problem. Turning the YouView box off and on again sometimes works. I have checked download speeds which seem to be fine. Response time 66 ms. Download speed 49.4Mbps and Upload 10.9Mbps I used the phone number an engineer on this forum recommended to someone else on the forum to listen to noise on the line and I think we do have noise but I'm not sure. We've had this happening since last autumn and won't continue with the box unless we can sort it. 

Please can anyone help?


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Re: Picture break up with BT sport and other internet channels

It's always advisable to connect the box to the Hub with a direct ethernet connection. Powerline Adaptors can cause issues with BT's multicast channels due to the properties internal wiring. If you can try a direct ethernet connection to the Hub to at least rule out the adaptors as the problem.

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