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Pixelation ruining the World Cup

I pay for Infinity and I pay for HD Upgrade and I use all the equipment that I have been sent by BT. When watching HD around 10 to 20% of viewing is interrupted by pixelation. Recording is worse - big jumps in time which can easily be seen when watching the clock in football matches. Sometimes I also get the message that weak or poor signal or signal lost. How can it be brilliant for 80% of the time and then dire intermittently? Really spoiling the world cup. To reliably watch a full match I record it in standard definition. - begs the question why pay for HD?

Any help appreciated. Please use layman language.

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Re: Pixelation ruining the World Cup

@Rich34 That's not good, I'm sorry to see you're having problems with your TV reception. The channels you mention are not provided as part of your BT TV subscription as they're on Freeview which would indicate a problem with the signal from your aerial. 

Can you try the freeview checks on this link to check the signal quality.



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Re: Pixelation ruining the World Cup

I’m having the same problem on my box. Doesn’t happen when I watch through the freeview built in to the tv
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Re: Pixelation ruining the World Cup

The problems your having are not BT TV related but aerial reception. Please post your viewing strength stats.

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Re: Pixelation ruining the World Cup

The freeview aerial frequencies are changing and many need high gain and not using wideband.

4g phone masts cause issues.

I have noticed that wind power generators on the moors cause issues!!! But only at certain times.

I have just had a high gain T band aerial fitted.

My old wide band had low gain at the lower frequencies.

over the next two years the transmission bands are going more lower frequency and many aerials have lower gain in the low frequencies.

A 16 dbi Aerial over a 13 dbi Aerial with 3 db extra doubles the signal strength.

So a few db more is great amplified tends to cause issues as the cable loss and noise gets amplified.

Google digital signal cliff edge and see it works then very slightly weaker signal causes pixel weak signal and free view recording stopped!!!

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