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Powerline failure after a couple of hours. Anyone with +ve experience?

I took on the YouView BT TV in July ready for BT Sport. I have a wireless system and had YouView talking to HH3 hub through an AccessPoint client. On Demand fine. (used it with my TV before that, which was also fine).


1st August. BT Sport would not work with wifi. Just under 3 hrs waiting on phone to be told that BT Sport does not work over wireless.

Tested with Powerline. No BT Sport.

Next day it worked with Powerline (for about 1 hr). One unit has no power light on. OK it is now 3rd August. No problem I will track down product warranties. Absolute **bleep** nightmare.


Sent emai. Tried online help twice (had to leave house after 40 mins waiting but at least they left a number for me to call). Tried call. Gets me through to sales and tells me to call the number I had called. The automatic help appears not to understand powerline, arcnet, failure, product, warranty or any permutation.


For a communications company I do think that BT are the worst I deal with. And I deal with a lot.


Has anyone a positive experience or tip to contact and arrange a replacement unit. I mean this thing has worked for around 1 hour. It's so depressing I feal like cancelling the contract on the grounds that BT broke it by supplying faulty equipment.

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Re: Powerline failure after a couple of hours. Anyone with +ve experience?

Can you temporarily connect the YouView box directly to your homehub with an ethernet cable to see if that solves your problem? Just to check, you have connected the powerline adaptors directly into the wall sockets with any extension cables then plugged into the powerline and not the other way around?


Also see:

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Re: Powerline failure after a couple of hours. Anyone with +ve experience?

Hi Kerrywales,


You would be best hardwiring your YouView box to your Home Hub. Powerline adapters are not supported by BT on the Multi Cast channels and BT Sport.


If you hardwire as suggested does the service work okay?





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