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Re: Trying to watch All4 and just stuttering

Hi there, I am having very similar problems with my BT youview box. I can be watching channels such as bt sport or comedy central, channels that need the internet to view them and they constantly stutter. Im forever checking my ethernet cable from the modem to the box. All cables are fine and working perfectly. Even when I am recording on another channel such as bbc1 or channel 5 I still cant watch a program on any other channel withouot it stuttering and cutting out, not just channels that need the internet. 


My box worked perfectly fine and I was perfectly happy being with BT up until the new update for the BT Youview box. Ever since that update I have been having these problems. I havent phoned BT because Im so angry at the TV service and I have done all the checks that I have found on the troubleshooter. I seriously cant go through all that again as I have done the checks about 10 times now. 


Please Help as Im seriously considering goiung back to TALKTALK.

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Re: Trying to watch All4 and just stuttering

@Dclark29385 I'm sorry about the problems with your BT TV service. I've started your own thread as the problem appears to be different from the thread you posted on.  Have you tried resetting your youview box to see if this helps?  Post back and let me know how you get on.

Community ModeratorNeilO
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