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Regular loss of all terrestrial TV channels.


      This has now happened 4 times in the last 3-4 weeks . I have made mention of this on the thread regarding loss of some HD channels but I think this merits its own thread as it is acting in a different way .

First & second occasions I put down to freak atmospheric conditions 

1) Christmas week . Not possible to view any terrestrial channels even though all appeared in the guide . Did a rescan & normal operation resulted .

2) Approx. 1 week later , No terrestrial channels viewable . Did a restart of the STB . ( Press & hold On button for approx. 8 seconds .

3 ) One week ago . Same & STB box restart restores operation .

4 ) Today . Same symptoms , same fix .

I have seen last Tuesday a recurrence of the ' usual ' HD channel loss , the day after Freeview updates recommenced .

Should I be reporting this by telephone & having a discussion with a service agent or is something else more appropriate .


Regards Andrew .

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Re: Regular loss of all terrestrial TV channels.

Today also seems to have lost all terrestrial channels . I am planning to leave things be in case someone wishes to look into the STB remotely .

Where's the phone ?

Andrew .

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