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Return of BT youview box

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Hello, I'm after some guidance, my 24 month contract ended in September last year and on 26 December I signed with a new service provider (internet only) I no longer wanted any services from BT and had a conversation earlier this month with BT  I was told I could return the router and BT you view box IF I WANTED TO, alternately i could dispose of them myself. Subsequent to this I realised that the youview boxes are going on sale on ebay for anything upto £70 So thought ok nice one I'll stick the box on there sometime this month.

Earlier this week I got an email from BT suggesting I need to return the box to them? The email states; 

Please send back your TV box.

If you ordered any of your kit after 13 December 2019, you might need to pay a charge if you don't send it back within 60 days.

We can re-use your kit, which cuts down on waste and helps protect the environment.


So I didn't order the kit after 16 December 2019.... I've had it since 2015/2016 from memory


Where do I stand?




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Re: Return of BT youview box

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Found this.......

For customers who joined us or changed contract and got new equipment after December 13th 2019

If you decide to leave us or you move to a new plan that includes a new BT Hub and/or BT TV box, you’ll need to return the old kit you loaned from us, or you may face charges.

It’s totally free to send back - we’ll send you a jiffy bag with a returns label. Just make sure you send the equipment back within 30-days of your service ending or changing to avoid any charges.

We’ll send you an email, letter or SMS confirming we’ve received it.

If an engineer is installing new BT equipment, they’ll be able to take the old kit away with them.

Equipment to return

BT Broadband Hubs: Hub 4, Smart Hub, Smart Hub 2, and Ultrafast Smart Hub

BT TV boxes:  Non-recordable TV box (Z4), Recordable TV Box (G4), 4K Recordable TV box (G5)

You can also send back any accessories, such as cables and remote controls.

Charges for non-return of equipment

Charges will apply to every piece of equipment you need to return, so if you have two items, you’ll be charged for each of them.

  • Home Hub, Smart Hub: £43
  • Smart Hub 2: £50
  • Non-recordable TV box (Z4): £60
  • Recordable TV Box (G4): £89
  • 4K Recordable TV box (G5): £115

For a full list of prices check out the BT Tariff Guide for a full list of pricing.

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Re: Return of BT youview box

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It is very clear in the email you received. You did not get yours after 13th December 2019 so it is yours to keep and do with as you wish.

In order to comply with an EU directive BT have to offer to dispose of any devices they have given to customers.