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Some FreeView HD channels missing

in the last few weeks I seem to have lost some HD FreeView channels from tuning (BBC News, BBC 4 as examples) + some SD channels (E4+1, as one example I used to use a lot). They have been there for years, previously, and outside aerial is unchanged.


Can still get all of them quite happily upstairs, on a crappy aerial in the loft, so know it's not the transmiter or signal, unless there's been some subtle change.


Bought a signal booster & tested on both the BT YouView box & the TV & they're still both the same, with same channels missing.


Can someone suggest anything else to try?


Thx in advance.



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BT TV Expert
BT TV Expert
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Re: Some FreeView HD channels missing

Hi @Jonn_C


It could possibly be the signal via the lead connected to the STB has a problem.

Are you able to check the STB by taking it upstairs and connecting to the TV / aerial that's working. If the STB is OK there suggests its the downstairs lead.


Are you able to try that? And if that doesn't identify the issue, please PM meyour telephone number and I will investigate for you.

Thank you.

Community ModeratorGemma
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Re: Some FreeView HD channels missing

Thanks Gemma.


I'd kind of arrived at the same conclusion - I have some decent quality shielded co-ax cables due tomorrow to see if they make a difference.


I'll post the results tomorrow evening.



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Re: Some FreeView HD channels missing


Can you remember what the results were?
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