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Re: Sound loss after fast forward


Hi @seniorcitizen, we've tested the fix (including fast forward and rewind) and it looks good. 

Will let you know when it's scheduled for release.



Good news at last. I was sent a replacement youview box which suffers from the same problem so I've swapped back again. I must confess that after several weeks practice now I have almost got used to the idea of using the skip button as opposed to the FF function.

When the fix is released will it be done electronically?

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Re: Sound loss after fast forward

Hi Gavin, I refer to our previous exchange of correspondence culminating in your post of 05-02-2019. Just to let you know that I suffered another total loss of sound the other night whilst watching a live BT Sports broadcast, as a result of pausing the live broadcast for about 10 minutes before resuming play. I don't think this has been specifically mentioned before in this forum. Do you think that this issue will also be covered by your new fix?. Are you able to give us an update on when the new fix will be released?. Many thanks and regards.
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Re: Sound loss after fast forward

Has the fix been released yet?  Only, I've just experienced the same problem again this morning whereby I lost all sound (including on live channels) after using Fast Forward during playback of a recording.  The only way to resolve the problem was to do a reset on the box (basically, unplugging and re-plugging it back in).  Most inconvenient!

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BT TV Expert
BT TV Expert
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Re: Sound loss after fast forward

A fix is shortly coming and has recently passed internal testing.

At the moment we are rolling out 32.23.0, the fix you are looking for is included in 32.25.0 and is our next release candidate. (To check your software version, press the Youview/Home button on your remote, select Settings, Software Information)

We don't have a release date yet, it won't be long but once it starts we will update the Forum.

I know it has been a long time waiting for customers on this thread, appreciate the patience.



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Re: Sound loss after fast forward

Hi Gavin,

Many thanks for the update - extremely pleased to hear that the sound loss fix is almost here. However, I am puzzeld by your advice that the software update number will be 32.25.0 and that you are currently rolling out 32.23.0. I checked my current software version under Youview/Settings/Software Information as you suggested and this shows Component Software as 3.5.132 and Manufacturer Software as 31.69.0, both updated on15th May. How do these tie in with the software numbers you quoted?.   


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