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Sports Season Ticket

I was looking at a thread on Digital Spyabout the Virgin TV season ticket offer that gives its customers a years access to all Sky Sports and BT Sport channels at a small discount, and it got me thinking: could BT TV offer something similar?

As BT Sport/ESPN are still free for all BT broadband customers, bundling these channels into a "pay upfront for a year" offer seems somewhat pointless. People are still speculating that BT Sport won't be free forever, especially with the imminent arrival of Champions/Europa League football, so it's possible if we BT customers lost "free" sport it could wind up in a season ticket offer to cushion the financial blow.

Sky Sports 1 and 2 would be the main selling point of a season ticket from BT, they show the lions share of football and cricket, the UK's two most popular sports. But just those on their own aren't very tantalising, which leads me again to say what a pity it is that BT can't carry the remaining Sky Sports channels like TalkTalk does. Also as BT make no money from Sky Sports thanks to the Ofcom wholesale situation, it's difficult to envision how they could offer SS 1&2 at a reduced rate... unless other sports channels were bundled in.

The Eurosport channels could be bundled in with Sky Sports. Unfortunately there in lies a problem, these are currently available as part of BT's Entertainment range, and by moving them to a season ticket or sport-centric package would undoubtedly put some customers noses out of joint who like getting Eurosport for relatively cheap with BT Entertainment. But if BT were to extend their sporting range, for how long would they include Eurosport in an entertainment package anyway?

Another, and fairly realistic option given YouViews current setup, would be to include the channels BoxNation and Premier Sports, which can be ordered as standalone channels with TalkTalk, but for some reason are not yet available on BT TV. Admittedly BoxNation would be something of a niche proposition, but Premier Sports has a fairly wide range of sporting choices, and looks pretty appealing given it doesn't have the finances of BT or Sky behind it. I'm not sure why these channels aren't already available on BT to order standalone, though I'd speculate it might be because BT are currently unwilling to let these companies sell their own products in the BT system, and are yet to reach a carriage agreement, or even begin to discuss one.

So, would you buy a sports season pass/ticket if BT offered one? What sort of price would you be willing to pay, and what would you like to see included in such a package?
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Re: Sports Season Ticket

I would have thought the season ticket offer for champions league would be a good idea
As for boxnation I would love BT Sport to do a deal and show live boxing events or go it alone in Boxing
I love boxing a great deal and think BT Sport would be more appealing to other sports fans apart fromm football... can any of the mods confirm anything in the pipeline?
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