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Re: TNA Impact

Same again this week. 16th of August edition not shown in the TNA section but if you search TNA HD there it is
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Re: TNA Impact

I didn't even find it when I searched! You have to type, 'TNA HD' as it doesn't appear if you type, 'TNA'.

Last week's is still not listed in the menu. Is this a YouView problem, or can you not (easily) access them the BT Vision box either?
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Re: TNA Impact

On Bt vision - you seem only to be able to access Sd & Hd versions of TNa impact by searching on TNA


They do not appear under the Sport  TNA channel.


Clearly whoever is loading them is not assigning them to the correct channel category.



That is a recurring problem that BT Vision has had for over a year (ie since they introduced the new look interface) - it occured regularly with films in the past.

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